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The Cottage: Inside The Quaich

New York, New York!

7th November 2019

As part of the launch of our international fundraising campaign, our team went over to New York City to host a Celebration of Scottish Culture with some of our global ambassadors – or Quaich Bearers as we call them – and the Scottish Government. The redesign of West Princes Street Gardens to improve accessible, community participation and support of our diverse cultural spheres, is something we want to shout about. We believe that not only the people of Edinburgh will support this project, but Scottish diaspora around the world. There is a real passion for Edinburgh, its culture and its heritage.


Our performers all arrived late afternoon for briefings and sound checks. I went to say ‘hi’ to Alan and KT in their dressing rooms and to thank them again for volunteering their time and talent to helping our fundraising! Alan showed me his socks! NOT the ones I made him but ones his mum had knitted him (so nice how he appreciates a good hand knit!).

Lorne Cousin, the Glenfiddich ambassador, piped Alan onto the stage (for both the dinner and the cabaret) and off we went for the evening. Dinner was for 40 in the beautiful Rose Studio and included representatives from American Scottish Foundation, Caledonian Club, St. Andrews Society New York, Scottish Government and our sponsors (Lorne, Erik and Tracey). Lorne and Tracey led an inspiring toast to our host Alan and The Quaich Project, and we were able to serve unique whiskies that set the theme for the night.

I cannot say enough how spectacular Alan was as an MC and host at our global launch event. He opened our evening with a rendition of Is That All There Is and entertained us with story after story! KT’s passion for the environment really came through as she spoke to guests about the project and really articulated the need for accessible spaces for all. Next came the breakout performance of our very own Scottish Emerging Artist Winner, Alannah Moar, singing an original and really smashing it.

The evening ended with a duet by Alan and KT of Caledonia – leaving not a dry eye in the house! The success of the night really came through as guests and performer mixed and mingled until we were prised out of the Lincoln Centre! Our ambassadors generously gave their time speaking to all our guests, taking photos, and performing.

Jules Haston