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Public Consultation – Have your say!

Public Consultation

The Quaich Project’s vision is to reimagine West Princes Street Gardens as a space for all to celebrate and enjoy in new ways – with improved accessibility, dynamic architectural designs and innovative facilities for every members of the community. Please complete this short online survey where you can view the plans and share your views.
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Question 1
  • How often do you currently visit the Gardens?
Question 2
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    Welcome Centre

    The design of the Welcome Centre has been guided over many years of consultation and responds to feedback for key improvements needed within the gardens. The Welcome Centre will provide; improved accessibility, new toilets, changing places, café, lift access, a wider entrance from Princes Street. Although this space aims to solve these issues, we are aware it represents a significant change to that section of the gardens. There would be a loss of some railings on Princes Street and a loss to a section of the embankment. Based on the above and the information in the consultation; what are your feelings towards:

  • 2.1 The Welcome Centre design
  • 2.2 The identified changes to the gardens
  • 2.3 If there are areas you are not supportive of then please let us know what they are and why
Question 3
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    Pavilion and Amphitheatre

    The new Pavilion will continue to host five major events per year, in keeping with current practice. These few major events will provide income to help support maintenance of the gardens but also subsidise a diverse range of community activities on the Pavilion. Examples of this type of use would be: school concerts, classical performances, dancing, yoga, story telling etc.

  • 3.1 How do you feel about a small number of major events providing income to help subsidise frequent community use of the space?
  • 3.2 Do you have any suggestions of activities you would like to see at the Pavilion?
  • 3.3 The current amphitheatre is 100% concrete and locked all year round. We are going to remove this barrier but would like guidance on what should replace the current concrete amphitheatre. Can you advise how you would like to see this space replaced?
Question 4
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    Family Area

    This space has not been fully designed yet and provides a great opportunity for you to help shape what it ends up looking like. Through discussions with organisations who may use this space we have identified a few additions to improve the space, these are listed below.

  • 4.1 Please let us know which of these things you would like to see in this space; Tick more than one if applicable
  • 4.2 If you have any other suggestions of what you would like to see in this space, please let us know below
  • 4.3 We are currently referring to this space as the Family Area but are keen to capture feedback on alternative ways to refer to this space. If you have suggestions for a name, please add them below :
Question 5
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    Key Themes

    5.1 How important are each of our key themes for the gardens to you? Please rate each one on a scale of 'Very important' to 'Not at all important'

  • 5.2 Why is this theme/are these themes important to you?
Question 6
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    We have been working with many groups representing various forms of disability to help make improvements that will make the gardens more accessible to them.

  • 6.1 Do you feel there is anything more we could be doing to improve accessibility?
  • 6.2 Please share with us suggestions as to what else we could be doing
Question 7
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  • 7.1 We are looking to restore the three shelters in the gardens in 2020 and are considering uses for them once complete. What would you like to see these shelters used for?
Question 8
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    General Questions

  • 8.1 Had you heard about this project before viewing this consultation?
  • 8.2 Would the proposed changes you’ve read about alter the frequency in which you visit West Princes Street Gardens?
  • 8.3 Based on the information you have read, are you satisfied with how the project is being progressed?
  • 8.4 Please use the space below to tell us about anything related to the project that you have not already told us, or to make any further suggestions
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