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A Space for Nature

28th June 2019

The Quaich Project is committed to respecting the biodiversity of the Gardens and to enhancing the health and well-being of its visitors.

As the first anniversary of the restoration of the magnificent Ross Fountain coincides with Defra’s Bees Needs Week, we are welcoming the World Bee Project to Scotland, to raise awareness of the importance of bees as part of our natural ecosystem.

The World Bee Project is developing a world-first approach to understand the declines of honey bee populations and how we can help protect them. The World Bee Project Hive Network system has the capacity to obtain huge amounts of data by deploying hive monitoring sensors that have the capability of collecting, among other inputs, audio, video, temperature, humidity and surrounding weather information. Data from this Hive Network is then fed into Oracle Cloud, where Oracle technology – AI and machine learning can analyse and explain relationships between all the sensor data and bee health states. This unique technology efficiently and reliably generates new insights into honey bee health and its relationship with hive conditions, varying regional environments, and the pollination services bees provide to agriculture and the wider ecosystem. Find out more about The World Bee Project here